ELSEWHERE – 100 social media designs

Elsewhere social media banners are visually compatible with Elsewhere WP theme. They are manufactured according to the guidelines of the golden era of the now vintage postcard/stamp-style design, the unisex Elsewhere social media pack will add style, eye-catchy visuals and tasteful details to your social media presence. 

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DAZE – True GIF-friendly WordPress Theme

DAZE is brand-new & original Masonry blog concept, crafted with innovative WordPress bloggers in mind who want to leave a strong visual impression on their target audience. It has integrated animated GIF support, special boxes functionality, pop-up advertising and pages as well as the Pinterest-styled post lists.

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 BARCELONA – 150 Social Media Designs

Elegant, bright and trendy, Barcelona offers 150 pre-made Photoshop templates for your social profiles, blog posts or website banners in a gentle white pink, light grey and blue color palette. Ranging from simple photo moodboards, Instagram shapes & masks, letters and diary entries to more complex and niche specific designs for recipes, travel plans, timelines, postcards and lists – Barcelona will cover all of your needs in one pack.

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INSTAMASKS Ultimate Collection

Make your photos look amazing and attract attention on Instagram instantly with our InstaMask collection. Not every photo you want to share on Instagram has that eye-catching quality you need to get likes, comments & new followers.

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NEKKID Social Media Booster Pack

Nekkid is a minimalist, clean media post pack for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr, advertising campaigns and blogs/websites. Design is heavily influenced by contemporary art & fashion magazine typography, white space usage and sparse abstract geometric decorations.

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GIFSTER – Animated GIF & Video Banners

See them in action @ http://nordwoodthemes.tumblr.com/ 

Gifster animated banner pack comes with 24 unique pre-made banners that can be easily exported as animated GIFs (and used on any GIF-friendly platforms such as Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Giphy, Imgur etc) or as high-res square videos for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. All banners are 1080x1080px which makes them usable everywhere.

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