Customize Elsewhere to fit your personal brand

With Elsewhere WordPress theme it’s easy to change colors to fit your own vision. You can change all font colors, post border colors as well as background colors. Also, Elsewhere offers 820 fonts from the magnificent Google fonts library so you can absolutely find a perfect match for yourself. 

This below is a useful shortcode you can paste wherever

Use it to promote more of your related posts to keep your visitors browsing your content. Since this is a shortcode, you can paste it right in the middle of your posts because we all know that most internet people suffer from ADHD.


Add some Google maps to your posts

If you’ve been travelling someplace awesome or are planning to, use this useful shortcode for Google Maps and show where you’ve been or are heading to. Or show where your favorite coffee shop, marketplace, shop or bookstore is located.


Promote your social network profiles with this thingy below

If you want to insert your own links to social networks and give them more exposure, add this easily this little shortcode into your posts and pages to grab more followers 🙂 See how it looks on an example page.



Add Share links yourself, wherever you want

Use this handy shortcode if you have a really long post and you don’t want people scrolling up and down to find the share options that are on the top and bottom of every post. You insert it wherever you want inside the post to remind the people to give you more traffic.



And always add some juicy animated GIFs to your posts

Animated GIFs are a staple of viral posts because they make the post more unique, funny or atmospheric and increase the catchiness of your content (ask Buzzfeed and Mashable about that, they’ve made millions of visits with their GIF heavy posts).

We at NordWood themes are obsessed with animated GIFs and that’s why our first WordPress theme DAZE, as well as Elsewhere, has full integrated support for them.  You can place them as your Featured images, they will show up in your slider, on your pages and even in the pop-ups which you should definitely check out.