Elsewhere WordPress theme has integrated full animated GIF support

We defined this as a standard for all our themes starting with our previous WordPress Theme DAZE – we will always create themes with absolute support for animated GIFs. This means that f you want an animated GIF as featured image – all you have to do is upload it and it will simply work. You want it in the slider? No problem. In the middle of the post or a page like this one below? No worries.

Tell visually better stories using animated GIFs

You can add animated GIFs to your pop-out pages (see in menu uder Pages) and make them stand out even more. Animated GIFs are extremely useful for promoting your personal brand, products or services as they are very shareable (if done right hat is) that generate and brand value traffic on their own.

What you can do with animated GIFs in Elsewhere theme

  • Post GIFs as Featured images on single posts
  • Post smaller GIFs only for post lists to increase load time
  • Add GIFs to pop-out pages
  • Add GIFs as a Special box banner
  • Add GIFs throughout your stories