Five super useful short-codes

Elsewhere comes with 5 useful and easy to use short-codes. And, when we say “easy to use” we mean all you have to do is click on a button in Editor that says “Shortcodes” choose the wanted one, click few more times to define given settings and that’s it! No more confusing html code and working in textual mode of the editor. This is really user friendly. And when we say “user friendly”…. yeah, you get it 🙂 Let see what you’ll get.

Download button

Well, we called it “Download button” but you can put any text in it and any external URL to link to it and it will generate nice looking button with the discrete 3d effect. Like this one below. Actually, we’ll make more examples so you can get the idea. And, of course, you can use this shortcodes as much as you like per post or page.


Visit Page
New Photo Collection
Download Now

Share this post

This shortcode allows you to generate small sharing box with custom text that will call your visitors to action and remind them that it’s great to share content if they find if interesting or useful. All you have to do to make this sharing box is to enter custom text if you don’t like the default one. This shortcode is perfect for long posts so you can put it in the middle of your post. And, also, we have global option to have (or hide) sharing options on the very top of the post and at the end of it.  



Related posts

This is a very handy shortcode. It allows you to generate a small slider of posts that are related to one that is currently displayed. Connection between posts is calculated through tags so, tag your posts wisely. You can enter custom title for this widget and set a number of posts you want to be displayed in this related posts slider. Also, related posts can be set globally through customizer and they can appear at the end of every single post page, but this shortcode is great for long posts when thre is a risk of losing a visitor if they are not super motivated to read your post till the end.   

 Connect through Social Networks

This shortcode has is called just “Social Profiles”. And similar to Share buttons shortcode it allows you to remind your visitors to check you out on social networks and connect with you or follow you. To gnerate the Connect box all you have to do is type a custom text if you don’t like the predefined one and magic will happen 😀

Have in mind that all of the social networks you have filled n the Social options section of the Elsewhere Customizer will be displayed in this shortcode (as well as in top bar and footer if you choose that locations). 


Google map with adjustable height

With this shortcode you can easily generate map of a specific location by entering coordinates from Google Maps into Longitude / Latitude fields OR you can enter full address of wanted location. As we said in the title, height is completely adjustable in you can define it in pixels. Also, we left option for you to enter custom title for pin as well to upload your own pin. If not, the default one will be used.   

Map with 150 px height:

Map with 300 px height: