Have full control over typography elements

Elsewhere comes with integrated Google fonts so you can easily control every segment of the design such as font family or type but also line height, spacing, size etc.  This is especially useful if you already have your brand visually defined and positioned and need to use some other fonts.


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Lorem ipsum changes the way copy is viewed. It reduces text-based content to a visual design element — a shape of text — instead of what it should be: valuable information someone is going to have to enter and/or read. Dummy text means you won’t see the inevitable variations that show up once real information is entered. It means you won’t know what it’s like to fill out forms on your site. Dummy text is a veil between you and reality.

Special boxes

Elsewhere comes with 4 different so-called Special boxes you can use on Masonry blog layouts which can reappear at your blog page every X posts. This is the feature we developed for our previos theme and it turnd out that people wer using this boxes almost without exception. From our observation, most popular once were Image banners and Connect boxes

  • Add up to 5 different Image banner ads
  • Remind visitors to check out your Social profiles through “Connect” special box
  • Display Latest/Most Popular posts
  • Show posts with most recent comments

You need real copy to know how long certain fields should be. You need real copy to see how tables will expand or contract. You need real copy to know what your app truly looks like. As soon as you can, use real and relevant words. If your site or application requires data input, enter the real deal. And actually type in the text — don’t just paste it in from another source. If it’s a name, type a real name.