Meet Elsewhere WordPress theme

Elsewhere is a fully-responsive, light and crisp WordPress blog theme that comes with tons of original functionalities, designed in a golden era of postcard-style look that presents your posts and ads in an eye-catching fashion.

Essential features

  • Mix of modern CSS effects and retro design
  • Pop-out pages and advertising
  • Pre-defined ad placement for AdSense and other services
  • Animated GIF friendly theme
  • 42 Social icons pack
  • Special boxes feature
  • Circled, squared or natural image shapes
  • New bloggers-oriented shortcodes

Earn money with Google AdSense, Adroll and other advertising providers

Elsewhere comes with 5 pre-defined positions where you can easily embed popular advertising services such as AdSense, AdRoll etc. Place ads in header above or below the logo, below the slider, above and inside the footer or the sidebar.

Embed content from other social networks

Elsewhere comes with a huge embed support: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Tumblr, Imgur, Youtube, Vimeo, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, TED Talk, Kickstarter, Scribd, Spotify, ReverbNation, Flickr, Hulu, Funny or Die, College Humor and many more. Use this to spice-up your blog with content from other social platforms.


Even more advertising options

If AdSense is not enough for you and you want to post your own banners and control how much they are visible, use our Special boxes and add up to 5 different banner ads that will show throughout your post list. This is very useful for posting products with your affiliate links or for promotion of your new products or services.

Pop-out pages & pop-out advertising

Easily create effective pop-out pages about yourself, your services or products or use them to promote your products or as call-to-action ads that show on click or before the site loads. This is useful for promotions or affiliate links that direct the visitors to where you want them to be before they read your content.